Employers – 2021 New ACA Affordable Health Plan Options

We understand that unit cost, research and development and utilization affect the overall price of healthcare. What we’ve seen is a continued cost-shift to employees by increasing deductibles, copays and out-of- pocket limits.

How about a plan that is administratively cost efficient, fully-insured like in terms of risk, with innovatively structured benefit designs (less cost-shift to employees) and affordable?

We are a privately held firm with extensive experience working with employers of all sizes including Fortune 500 organizations providing guidance in all areas of Health & Welfare plan support.

In our never-ending quest to find new and innovative options that help employers control their healthcare spend, we are excited about the opportunity to bring an ACA option to the Atlanta market.

The plan provides coverage options for employers with 2 or more employees. For Applicable Large Employers (ALEs) the metallic options are ACA approved meeting the Part A and Part B provision requirements.

These are NOT MEC PLANS- These plans are fully ACA compliant plans ranging from Bronze to Platinum plans.

Please see the applicable rates below for the lowest cost Bronze plan and compare to your current rates and benefits:

MVP Bronze

  • EE-$350.71
  • ES- $577.20
  • EC- $520.22
  • F- $ 727.53

Benefit Design

  • 0$ Deductible
  • $7350 Out of Pocket
  • $15/$25 Physician/Specialist Copay
  • $0/$10 RX

These plans provide comprehensive coverage, ACA compliant, no risk to employers, are cost effective and don’t require a census of employees with minimal contribution and participation requirements.

Select Choice Benefits has fully analyzed these offerings in terms of structure and safety for our plan sponsors. If you are struggling with your current plan costs- we highly suggest talking to us.

We look forward to providing more detail about these cost-effective plans. Contact us today!

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