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Employers – 2021 New ACA Affordable Health Plan Options

We understand that unit cost, research and development and utilization affect the overall price of healthcare. What we’ve seen is a continued cost-shift to employees by increasing deductibles, copays and out-of- pocket limits. How about a plan that is administratively cost efficient, fully-insured like in terms of risk, with innovatively structured benefit designs (less cost-shift


Marietta, GA, May, 2020- For immediate release- Select Choice Benefits, Inc. in partnership with our legal counsel has designed a comprehensive checklist specifically tailored to provide employers peace of mind by quickly identifying potential ERISA/PPACA and Form 5500 compliance violations. This resource includes a COVID-19 amendment. Effective immediately employers of all sizes and industries can

Group Medical Effective in 2020

As we tread further into a new year and a new decade, we can’t help but contemplate the changes that will become effective in 2020. Figuring out healthcare is always a challenge, but first, you have to understand the changes coming this year. Here’s what to look out for.  Premium prices will change a little 

5 Benefits Mistakes That Cost Your Employees

As a business owner, offering quality benefits to your employees is a given. They expect and deserve it. But did you know that mistakes you make could be costing your employees, and your business, extra money? There are ways to avoid those mistakes, and we have the tips to help you along the way.  Not

Short Term Medical Insurance: The Right Choice for You?

Short term medical insurance, also known as temporary medical insurance, has gone through many changes over the last five years. Originally, it was designed to help bridge the gaps in medical insurance during times of transition, like starting a new job or getting off a parent’s insurance plan. But recently, this option has made its

Preparing for Open Enrollment

Every year benefit open enrollment is a challenge that takes several months to plan and execute. Employee benefits are such an integral part of the employee experience. Contrary to popular belief, they are also an ongoing project. Once open enrollment is completed, the following two months are spent auditing and reconciling the changes. Once everything

What are HRAs and How Do They Impact Small Businesses

On June 13th, 2019, the Department of Health and Human Services released a final ruling calling for a restructure of the current rules of Health Reimbursement Arrangements. This change will go into effect on January 1st, 2020. So, what does this have to do with small businesses? We’re here to explain. What is an HRA? 

Are You Ahead of the Benefits Curve?

Tackling the benefits world can be overwhelming and confusing. And staying on top of all of the benefits trends can be even more difficult. However, employers are expected to have robust benefits packages to attract and maintain the best talent. So how do you know if you are ahead of the benefits curve? Here are

How to determine if your broker is good for you

Every day in the benefits world holds something new and exciting. Whether it’s advancements in voluntary benefits or simply helping a client discover their full plan potential, we love what we do. But as with any industry, there are some elements we encounter on more than one occasion. In fact, we frequently hear the same

How Voluntary Benefits Can Help with Surprise Medical Bills

At some point in our lives, we will experience the unexpected. A hospital stay, a broken leg, an ambulance ride or worse—a chronic illness. These expenses usually arise when you least expect them, and often when you can’t afford them either. But there are steps employers and employees can take to ensure financial help with