Are You Ahead of the Benefits Curve?

Tackling the benefits world can be overwhelming and confusing. And staying on top of all of the benefits trends can be even more difficult. However, employers are expected to have robust benefits packages to attract and maintain the best talent. So how do you know if you are ahead of the benefits curve? Here are a few steps to get started.

Talk to your benefits advisor

While it might seem simple, discussing benefits trends with your advisor is the first step to crafting a modern, exceptional benefits program for your employees. Your benefits advisor should be the first and best resource for understanding the benefits world. If you aren’t discussing your benefits plan more frequently than just enrollment times or if your benefits advisor isn’t well versed in current benefits trend (and consistently presenting new options for your company,) it might be time to rethink your broker relationship.

Craft a plan that benefits YOUR employees

The days of traditional benefits including medical, dental, vision and a 401k have passed.

Employees depend (and expect) on their employers to create a benefits program that not only benefits them but also addresses their specific needs. Start by asking your employees what they desire from their benefits program. Then work with your benefits advisor to craft an effective benefits program. This will not only make your current employees happy, but it will also attract great talent.

Use a streamlined enrollment process

Even more than personalization, employees expect the process to be simple and convenient. Using technology to streamline the enrollment process is crucial for both the employee and employer. Plus, these types of technology give employees an easy way to read and understand all of their benefits options. Which means making an educated, informed decision about benefits has never been easier.

Add in voluntary benefits

Voluntary benefits are an evolving trend for both employers and employees. In fact, they’ve become a necessary part of every benefits plan. A recent survey showed 95 percent of companies polled claim voluntary benefits would play an important role in their total strategy in the coming years. Not only do these benefits close the gaps in traditional offerings, but they also provide the personalization employees are looking for. Plus, they are very cost-effective option, making them a win-win for both employee and employer.

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